Pitt County School Calendar 2011-2012The new Revised Pitt County Public School Calendar has been released. 

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From the Pitt County School's Website:

July 12, 2011 - The State Budget Bill (House Bill 200) that was ratified on June 4, 2011, includes language that impacts school calendars for ALL school districts effective next school year.

The new legislation increases the minimum number of instructional days from 180 to 185 and the minimum number of instructional hours from 1,000 to 1,025.  Left in place are the parameters that school for students must not start before August 25th and must not end after June 10th.

With some disclaimers and waiver opportunities to the State Board of Education included, the legislation essentially eliminates the 5 days that were previously added to the calendar for protected teacher workdays.   Stricken from §115C-84.2 (School Calendar) as a result of this legislation is the following:  “Five days, as designated by the local board, for use as teacher workdays, These days shall be protected to allow teachers to complete instructional and classroom administrative duties.  The local school administrative unit shall not impose any additional tasks on these days.  The local board shall schedule one of these days at the beginning of the school year and one at the end of each academic quarter.”

Many groups lobbied to postpone the effective date of this action until the 2012-13 school year, as most all school districts had already approved and distributed their 2011-12 school calendars, but that did not occur.  However, the State Board of Education advised that it would be approving temporary waivers to this new requirement for districts that commit to using the five additional days to train teachers on the Common Core and new essential standards.  (The State Board also advised it will not be as flexible in future years.)

Pitt County Schools submitted a waiver request that was approved by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction meeting the required guidelines by providing a detailed “Scope of Work” plan showing how the waived instructional days will be used for professional development on the essential standards and the Common Core.  The new essential standards and Common Core standards are scheduled for classroom implementation in the 2012-13 school year.

The immediate impact of this action is that we must adjust our 2011-12 Calendar for Students and 10-Month Employees in several ways.

  • In accordance with the waiver approved from the State Superintendent, the following teacher workdays will be used for staff development on the essential standards and Common Core instruction. 
  •   October 28, January 18, March 2, March 23
  • December 19th will be added as an instructional day for students.  This was previously an unscheduled day. Corresponding with the changes above, make-up days for inclement weather have been adjusted as well as the placement of system designated workdays and the last day for staff.

Click here to review the revised calendar which reflects these revisions. This will be reprinted and redistributed to parents and students. We recognize there may be some confusion as the school calendar was already set, printed, and previously distributed.  We will do everything we can to communicate the correct dates and we will need your help as well. We also will need your help explaining that this late action was not a local decision but rather was directed by General Assembly legislation.