The East Carolina University dental school recently announced two major changes that received final approval by UNC General Administration in May 2010. Located in Greenville, North Carolina, the dental school now will be entitled the East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine.  This name reflects the dental profession’s recognition that dental health and oral health are an essential part of one’s overall health, rather than a separate ancillary discipline. The other change is that graduates of the ECU School of Dental Medicine will be awarded the DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree.  This is the degree awarded by the vast majority of dental schools that have opened since the 1960s, and is used for the same reason for having Dental Medicine in a school or college’s title.

The D.M.D. and D.D.S. degrees are considered equivalent--offering the same education and accreditation standards, as well as requiring the same licensure examinations.  Both degrees are recognized by all national and state dental associations and state and specialty boards. The scope of practice allowed by law is also the same for both degrees.  Throughout the United States, the state of North Carolina, and the city of Greenville, there are dentists with both degrees.

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