A recent survey given to 55+ Home Buyers shows what their 10 most important design features are.  This can be important information to you when selling a home or when buying and thinking of selling down the road.  Surprisingly a downstairs master bedroom isn't higher on the list!  --In Pitt County and the Greenville Area, we as Realtors get asked more often about what floor the master bedroom is on than if the house comes with a washing machine.

  1. 90% - Washer/Dryer in the Home
  2. 84% - Storage Space
  3. 81% - Windows that Open Easily
  4. 73% - Garage Door Opener
  5. 73% - Easy-to-use Thermostat
  6. 71% - Master Bedroom on 1st Floor
  7. 67% - Private Patio
  8. 66% - Porch
  9. 65% - Attached Garage
  10. 64% - Bigger Bathrooms.


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Resources: National Association of Home Builders