Over 19 million people are currently attending or enrolled at colleges and universities in the united states.  Many of these students attend schools away from home and need a place to live, which makes this investment niche thrive!  Experts say this market will flourish until at least 2018, when the last baby-boomer's children enter college.

ecu student housing rental investment Today's students look for homes with the most amenities, such as appliance-filled kitchens, furnished units and washer/dryers. Not often thought of, many students look for fenced-in backyards for their privacy or dogs.  Almost always a rental with a fenced yard rents faster.

Investors can look forward to rental incomes that are sometimes 10-20% greater than with normal tenants.  But on the other hand, time and money put into managing these kind of properties also increases by about 10%, according to an expert that owns over 50 rental homes across the United States.  In Greenville, NC the East Carolina University student properties are almost always occupied with renters, but these type of homes do have more turn over due to a young lifestyle and roommates that come and go.  Single-families stay at rental houses longer than students typically.

Pitt County and ECU offer a lot of opportunity for investors and landlords!  We enjoy a growing student population that will soon have a major increase with the new Dental School, which starts their first class in August of 2011.  "East Carolina University is the academic home to over 27,000 students and is a constituent member of The University of North Carolina", according to their website. There are always good potential rentals in our market for sale, including quite a few single family homes, duplexes and an apartment building from time-to-time.

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